2024 Runtastic Frigid 5k

Runtastic Frigid 5k Runtastic Frigid 5k

Revin's mom, Tawny took the top spot for women. Way to go!!

Runtastic Frigid 5k

Our 11-14 girls took NINE of the top ten places with Teagan H. in 1st, Bridget S. in 2nd, and Sophie S. in 3rd. How all of our Pack did is listed below.

Frigid 5k

1-10 Girls 1st, Kathleen M. 2nd, Frankie M.

1-10 Boys 1st, Oliver M. 2nd, Lincoln E. 6th, Cooper B. 7th, Matthew M. 8th, Gabe M.

11-14 Girls 1st, Teagan H. 2nd, Bridget S. 3rd, Sophie S. 4th, Khloe P. 5th, Maddie S. 6th, Lulu M. 7th, Brooke S. 8th, Sydney G. 9th, Gabby B.

11-14 Boys 3rd, Pedro R. 7th, Adam M. 8th, Callen B. 11th, Martin R.

40-44 women 3rd, Coach Rachel Tall 8th, Coach Rachel Small 10th, Yasmin P. 15th, Julie M.

We are so, so proud of our Pack, but also proud of the coaches and parents who ran this race. Both Coach Rachels were coming off of injuries and illnesses. Coach Rachel Tall had a traumatic head injury back in August and this was her first race back. Coach Rachel Small has been dealing with an ankle injury on top of fighting Covid a couple of weeks back. It was wonderful to see both of them cross the finish line in under 30 minutes.

Frigid 5k Frigid 5k

After the race, the folks at Runtastic cut away a section of ice from the surface of Utah Lake and participants jump in! We had a handful of Wolfpack athletes take part.

Frigid 5k Frigid 5k

I am sure there are more Wolfpack parents that I have missed. If so, my apologies, I am still learning everyone's names! So many thanks to Runtastic Events and everyone who came out to support Wolfpack.

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