Cross Country Records

We use to track our club records every season. Since our club is still pretty young, we started with records from the Race Cats Draper team we were before Wolfpack.

In cross country, no two courses are the same and we run on different ones and sometimes different distances, so we don't track course records. Instead we run a 3-race Mile Series that consists of a 1 Mile Time Trial, Billy Goat Challenge (uphill mile), and Downhill Mile. We recognize athletes who break records in these races at the end of each season.

Please keep in mind, the handful of us who run Wolfpack are human. There may be errors in club records, spelling of names, times, distances, anything. If you think there may be an error, please send an email to media@wolfpackrunning and we can get it corrected.

· The 1 Mile Time Trial, aka the Flat Mile, is run towards the beginning of every cross country season. We run on the Porter Rockwell Trail in Draper and we use the times from this race to establish our pace groups for trainings throughout the season. When athletes show big jumps in improvement, they can move up to a faster pace group. This race is the first in our Mile Series.

· The Billy Goat Challenge is a 1.1 mile trail run that we do every season; BOTH in track & field and cross country. In cross country, it's part of our Mile Series, but we also run it during our track & field season because it's such a great event and everyone runs together. In 2023, we included a parents division too!

Wolfpack Billy Goat Challenge

· The Downhill Mile is the third race in our cross country Mile Series and it's one we only run during the fall cross country season (as opposed to Billy Goat, which we run in the spring too). We run on the same course down Highland Drive in Draper.

Wolfpack Downhill Mile

· Mile Series Combined Records are when we take an teammate's three Mile Series times and add them together. Whoever is the fastest in each age division is the winner that season. Below are the club records (they are updated at the end of XC season). An athlete must compete in all three races in a season to qualify.

Wolfpack Mile Series Combined