2022 Wolfpack XC Series Meet #2

Mid-October weather continued to treat us to fantastic running temps for our second Wolfpack XC Series Meet (it seriously rained at both meets last year). This time we were at Sugar House Park in Salt Lake City; which is an iconic location in the Utah cross country scene for its size and hills. Comp Team Head Coach Teren set up an awesome and challenging course and our teams did an amazing job.

Click here for the official results.

To start things off, our Elementary Program teams ran their races. We had races at 1k, 2k, and 3k in multiple age divisions from kindergarten through sixth grade. It was really awesome having so many parents cheering them on; all the way through until the last runner. More than a few times, we saw whole teams supporting and encouraging their teammates even though their own race had finished.

Congrats to Sunrise Elementary for winning the most points and taking the Top Team trophies for the second time!

A HUGE THANK YOU to our elementary program coaches and parents for making this such a fun program for our kids. It’s not easy to teach kids how to love running, and we all know it’s a work in progress. But having such amazing coaches and parents supporting our athletes makes it all worth it. Winning medals and ribbons definitely helps!

Toward the end of the night, our competition team took to the course for their 4k race. The sun was setting and they pushed through those tough hills.

We were quickly losing daylight as we divvied up our medals and ribbons.

So many thanks to our super supportive Wolfpack Comp Team coaches and parents for supporting all of our kids in this transition year. There have been lots of changes and occasional miscommunication, but in the end, our kids are still growing and learning and having a great time being part of the Pack.

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