Meet our Sponsors: Athlecare

Meet our Sponsors: Athlecare

Our Wolfpack Competition Team is so excited to have Athlecare in Draper as one of our sponsors. They provided some of our athletes with the opportunity to attend an intro-to-recovery session on April 9th and will do so again later this month. Teaching our young athletes how to best take care of their bodies is a vital part of their training, and Athlecare is a wonderful place to accomplish that.

The owners of Athlecare spoke to our athletes about the importance of recovery every day. They stressed how important it is to take care of our bodies to keep them healthy and strong so they can reach their potential. This will in-turn help them reach their goals.

Our Wolfpack members got to use these different therapy tools to get their bodies prepared for the upcoming season. Many were using these tools for the very first time.

  • hot tub therapy
  • cold tub therapy
  • compression boots
  • cupping
  • scraping
  • massage therapy

Each athlete had an analysis done to see if they have any nagging issues. The owners were excited to tell us that our athletes are looking fit and strong. Go Wolfpack!

We are so grateful to have local businesses like Athlecare in our community to support our athletes and their families. We are excited to work with Athlecare in the future and cannot wait for our next season.  

Both Wolfpack and Athlecare believe injury prevention should be part of every athlete’s daily routine and we are so thankful to work with them on this common goal.