Meet Our Sponsors: Athlecare Sports Recovery

Wolfpack is so proud to have Athlecare Sports Recovery as one of our sponsors. They provided some of our athletes who will be competing at Nationals next week with the opportunity to attend an intro-to-recovery session this weekend.

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Teaching our athletes how to best take care of their bodies is a vital part of their training. Athlecare is a wonderful place to help with that. They have locations in Draper and Pleasant Grove. Young athletes are still learning how to listen to their bodies, and when they are super goal-focused, they sometimes don't understand when their body tells them they need to rest.

Justin and Susan at Athlecare spoke to our athletes about the importance of recovery and how recovery is almost MORE important than training to help them reach their running goals.

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Our athletes got to use different physical therapy tools to get their bodies prepared for the Nationals. Many were using these tools for the very first time:

  • hot tub therapy
  • cold tub therapy
  • compression boots
  • cupping
  • scraping
  • massage/release therapy

Each athlete had an analysis done to see if they have any nagging issues, tight muscles, soreness, etc. A handful of Wolfpack athletes are already regular member at Athlecare. They go for help with injury recovery, injury prevention, and to help with some common pains that tween and teen athletes deal with as they are growing. It's more convenient than getting a referral from a doctor and then insurance pre-authorization for physical therapy. At Athlecare, it's a drop-in basis and the fee can be paid with your HSA or FSA.

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We are so grateful to have a local business like Athlecare in our community. They help support our athletes and their families.

Both Wolfpack and Athlecare believe injury prevention should be part of every athlete’s daily routine. And we are so thankful to work with them towards this common goal. Thank you, Athlecare!

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