2023 Kiwanis 3k

The Roadrunners Running Club invited us to compete at their Kiwanis 3k cross country race at Kiwanis Park in Provo and it was an awesome event! The course was an awesome and hilly 3k on grass on a lovely Tuesday evening. John Hedengren, the head coach of the Roadrunners Club, put together this video from the meet. Check it out!


You can view the official results here. Click on the "Overall Results" tab.


They split the evening into three races, all divided into age groups. The oldest athletes went first. Here's a list of our Pack who placed in the top 20 in each of the age divisions.


2nd Sam J.
7th Vinny D.
14th Adam M.
17th Tommy W.

2nd Trevor D.
3rd Matt C.
5th Burk M.
6th Pedro R.

1st Lincoln E.
2nd Revin B.
3rd Oliver M.
7th Cooper B.
10th Matthew W.
13th Liam S.

1st Elijah J.
4th Dean B.
10th Peter D.


1st Teagan H.
3rd Sophie S.
4th Maddie S.

1st Khloe P.
2nd Lulu M.
7th Mina I.
9th Gabby B.

3rd Bethany M.
11th Hazel D.

2nd Frankie M.
3rd Hayley M.

Enjoy some photos from the evening:

So many thanks to Roadrunners Running Club and Provo Parks & Recreation for hosting such a fun meet. Great job Wolfpack!

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