Meet our Coaches: Megan Vrem

Want to meet some of our awesome Elementary Program coaches? Look no further!

Meet Megan Vrem. She’s currently the head coach at Sunrise Elementary. She ran cross country and did track & field in middle school and in high school. During these times she excelled in sprinting the 100m and 200m relay, then later in life she found a new passion for long-distance running.

Megan is an avid alpine skier. You can find her skiing Alta with her partner Andrew and their two daughters; Smith and Quincey. Megan was asked to be an assistant track & field coach for the 2022 season, which lead to her coaching cross country in the fall. Sunrise Elementary was the team that scored the most 1st-10th place finishes at BOTH cross country meets last season; earning the whole team some great trophies. This will be her third season coaching with Wolfpack, and her first as head coach.

If you or someone you know is interested in being one of our Elementary Program coaches, please reach out to our Program Director: Tom Sharkey at or 443-939-7133.

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