Meet our Sponsors: Sumato Coffee Company

We are so lucky to have a handful of amazing sponsors, we want to share all about each of them!

Sumato Coffee Company is a roasting company in Salt Lake City. Ben Martinez, the owner of Sumato, has always been a passionate lover of coffee and he was frustrated with the lack of fresh coffee options in his workplace. He reimagined poor “office coffee” and built an online, coffee subscription service for businesses so they could have fresh coffee for their employees.

At Sumato, they believe that coffee is best 2-14 days after the beans have been roasted. Beyond that, it begins to oxidize and lose flavor. Sumato focuses on transparency, freshness, and simplicity to bring the freshest-tasting coffee to his customers.

If you’d like to give Sumato Coffee a try, order with code WOLFPACK to get 50% off your first bag!

Our Wolfpack sponsors are the backbone of our nonprofit and enable us run smoothly and focus on supporting our athletes. The generous donations allow us to subsidize the cost of apparel, uniforms, and merch for our athletes. In addition, they support our administrative costs such as registration fees, keeping our website and social media accounts going, and ensuring our insurance is up-to-date. Our amazing sponsors made it possible to have our Wolfpack pop-up tents this year; making us look professional and increasing our visibility at track meets. Every cent of sponsorship money goes directly into making the Wolfpack program better for our team!

Click HERE to meet ALL of our sponsors! Click HERE if you’re interested in becoming a Wolfpack sponsor.

Thank you Ben and Sumato for sponsoring our Wolfpack!