Meet our Sponsors: Bountiful Dental Care

We are so lucky to have some really wonderful sponsors! Meet Matt Brinkerhoff, DMD and owner of Bountiful Dental Care!

Bountiful Dental Care is a modern dental practice in Bountiful, UT offering all kind of services; from cleaning and whitening, to crowns, bridges, and veneers, and everything in between. Their commitment to serving their patients includes providing information that helps them to make informed choices about their oral health needs.

Our Wolfpack sponsors are the backbone of our nonprofit and enable us run smoothly and focus on supporting our athletes. The generous donations allow us to subsidize the cost of apparel, uniforms, and merch for our athletes. In addition, they support our administrative costs such as registration fees, keeping our website and social media accounts going, and ensuring our insurance is up-to-date. Our amazing sponsors made it possible to have our Wolfpack pop-up tents this year; making us look professional and increasing our visibility at track meets. Every cent of sponsorship money goes directly into making the Wolfpack program better for our team!

Click HERE to meet ALL of our sponsors! Click HERE if you’re interested in becoming a Wolfpack sponsor.

Thank you Matt and Bountiful Dental Care for being a sponsor!