On March 26, our Wolfpack Club had the opportunity to work with the Run Elite Program, Olympian Jared Ward, USATF Utah, and a great group of our coaches to introduce over 100 youth athletes to the exciting sport of track and field. 

We had our young future stars rotate through five different stations. The kids had the opportunity to learn locomotive warm-up drills from some All-American champions and our competition team coaches. Next, athletes got to show their speed and reaction time through 40 meter dash races. Athletes got to go through an awesome agility obstacle course made of jump ropes, ladder drills, and mini hurdles. Fourth, they got to play tic-tac-toe javelin with one of the University of Oregon Alumni throws competitors who also helps coach our Wolfpack Comp team. Lastly, it seemed like the kids’ favorite event was focused on team-building and working together. They got to learn baton handoffs and compete in 4×400 meter relay races.

After the awesome stations, Olympian Jared Ward had an amazing talk about his running and Olympic experience and how to not give up when things get hard. He talked about how breaking big goals down into little goals to tackle can help you keep going and do your best. 

So many thanks to everyone who volunteered their time and expertise to make our event run so smoothly. Thank you Jared Ward and Run Elite Program for making the day so special for those amazing kids. Lastly, thank you to USATF and USATF Utah for sponsoring this wonderful event. 

We hope to get to do many more RJT clinics in the future and are so thankful to have been able to partner with such amazing groups to put this on for our community. We truly hope that all the children and parents got to see how exciting and fun the sport of track and field really is. 

Also a big thank you to Mark Romesser for these amazing photos.